We meet on Sundays @ 9am and 10:45am

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Weekend Worship October 8-9
October 10
Electric Guitar

We prayerfully and thoughtfully select the worship music for each service to make sure it speaks the truth about God and that the songs are truly worshipful. We share this list with you so that you will know the songs and the artists if you want to purchase the songs. We believe these songs will help you worship all throughout the week.



Song Title Artist Album
Chris Tomlin
Tracks CD


Song Title Artist Album
Bless His Name
Tony Sanchez
Sweetly Broken (Vineyard Music)


Song Title Artist Album
Search Me, Know Me
Kathryn Scott
I Will Trust You Chris Lizotte Sweetly Broken - Playlist
10,000 Reasons
Matt Redman
10,000 Reasons
You Are Good
Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle
Be Lifted High: Live Worship from Bethel Church
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